In Support of Farm Labor in the season of Fire.


Witchcraft Apothecary was able to donate 12 one ounce bottles of ’Fire Season Support’ formulas to Sanación del Pueblo, ( a North Bay multi-racial environmental justice organization that centers undocumented communities, that will distribute the medicines to Farm workers who are out in the smoke. As a propagator at Oaktown Nursery, I also work outside in the smoke. Though less arduous work then farming, my experience laboring in Wildfire fallout is very hard on my lungs and body. So today I’m so very honored to support those who are providing us sustenance in these extremely life threatening times. I also consider this donation a part of my work for the Bay Area Herbal Response Team, (IG: @bay.hrt), a collective of Bay Area herbalists who formed to support our communities amid the pandemic and beyond. Check us out:

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