362B2385-5A3F-48A3-AAE7-61B0E63E3C5CThis is my new, updated version of my regular Fire Season support formula!! I brought in some more mucilaginous herbs, and replaced some herbs for others that have less contraindications so that everyone can use this medicine (like Figwort instead of Red Root). I’ve sold over 70 bottles of this formula since the SCU and San Jose fires began. Please inquire if you need herbal support, no one is turned away for lack of funds.
This formula can help:
-Heal cilia in the lungs
-open the lungs and bronchi
-as an anti-inflammatory
-coat and moisten the lungs and throat
-tone down adrenals and stress
-move and clear the lymph
– decongest and expectorate
This medicine also tastes FUCKING GOOD with the cinnamon, licorice, and pineappley flavor of Hummingbird Sage. One client exclaimed, “it tastes bomb and i felt it work right away so thank you very much!!“
This medicine is also grounding, and put me back into the deeper parts of my lungs.
Bottles come with this amazing Black Lives Matter sticker by my girlfriend @alisamanthaxoxo !!

#queerherbalist #transherbalist #smokeseason #fireseason #leoseason #herbalmedicine

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