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What to expect

After booking a consultation, you will receive a short preliminary intake form, and an Informed Consent and Full Disclosure document to sign. The preliminary intake form is not required prior to our actual meeting, but can help us to focus on your main concerns more in-depth during our time together!

A typical consultation (or full intake) generally takes about one and a half to two hours. If you have never seen an herbalist before, do expect our intake/consult time to be very different from experiences you may have had in a western medical setting. An herbal consultation is a space for you to discuss your health concerns in far more depth then you will probably have experienced in the standard western medical setting. In our work you can expect to be asked questions concerning your physical well being and imbalance (symptoms), as well as questions concerning your mental/emotion/and spiritual well being, personal history, etc. Consultations are confidential and nonjudgmental. I trust you are the expert of your experience and my work is to provide you with access to herbs and herbal knowledge to assist your self-empowerment. My practice is centered on a personal commitment, and specific training into holding space that is body positive, fat positive, trauma informed, intersectional, LGBTQIIA inclusive, harm reduction focused, sex and sex work positive, anti-racist and anti-oppression centered. That commitment and training is ongoing and I am constantly learning and investing in that work. 

Following our intake, I will develop a recommended list of herbs, supplements, and a few lifestyle recommendations suited to the overall objective and goals of each client. I generally have recommendations and medicines ready 7 days after the initial intake. Clients  can expect to receive 5-8 ounces of tincture or tea, a 10ml graduated cylinder to help with dosage, a flower essence to work with, a recorded 10 minute guided flower essence meditation, and a small pocket journal to support essence work. The intake includes a 30-40m debrief of all the recommendations, as well as an electronic and hard copy of your personalized recommendations, and dosing instructions.

Scope of Practice

Scope of practice describes the services I am competent to perform as a healthcare provider. To do my work ethically, it’s important to acknowledge when clients’ health concerns and diagnosis are out of my scope to address within my practice. When this comes up in a consultation, I will let my client know up front about my lack of experience, and either continue on with the clients consent under the supervision of a senior herbalist/mentor, or refer a client out to a more experienced herbalist. 

Within my scope: In 5 years of clinical practice, I have supported clients through PTSD and CPTSD symptoms, gender dysphoria, gender transitioning support and general transgender care, depression and mental health issues, panic and anxiety, auto-immune diseases and chronic illness, stages of grief, seasonal and dietary allergies, generative/reproductive care, hormonal imbalances, colds and flu, wound care, digestive health and imbalance, sleep issues and insomnia, mitigating negative effects of cancer treatment, pain, detoxing and sobriety support, animal care, and more.

It is outside of my scope to assume the role of primary provider for any severe disease and imbalance such as cancer (any stage), lyme disease, diabetes, hyper/hypo thyroid disease, etc. Though I have worked with clients as their secondary or tertiary provider (providing recommendations to address negative side effects of medication, surgery, etc), I only feel comfortable giving that support when folks are seeing a primary doctor or specialist.

Rates/Booking Info

  • Full Initial Consultation 

             -1.5 to 2 hours long, $80-150 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

             -BIPOC rate:  $50-100 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

  • Short Initial Consultation

             –30-45 minutes, $30-40 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

             -BIPOC rate: $20-30 (price does not include herbs)

  • Acute Care Appointment

              -15-20 minutes, $15-30 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

              -BIPOC rate: $10-20 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

  • Follow Up Consultation (for returning clients)

              -30-40 minutes, $30-50 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

              -BIPOC rate: $20-30 sliding scale (price does not include herbs)

  • Tinctures Per Ounce:

                -$8-12 sliding scale

                -BIPOC rate: $6-8 sliding scale

  • Clients should expect to start with 5-12 ounces of medicine, to last roughly 4-8 weeks.
  • I adhere to a 24 hour cancellation policy, the fee of which is $20.
  • No one is turned away for lack of funds! If you need herbal medicines or help addressing a health concern, please contact me. My sliding scale gives opportunities for others to “pay-it-forward” for those who might otherwise not have access to herbal medicines.
  • Due to Covid-19, I am only meeting clients by phone, FaceTime, and Zoom.
  • you can book a consultation with me through this link:


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