Welcome to Witchcraft Apothecary // & the clinical practice of Violet Moon

Selfie after teaching her “Trans/Gender 101” curriculum at CSHS, 2022.Welcome to Witchcraft Apothecary and the Clinical practice of Violet Moon: Western and Energetic herbalist, medicine-maker, apothecarist, educator and specialist in the field of California and Pacific Western native plants. A Bay Area resident of 15 years, she is a queer, transgender, intersectional anarcha-feminist and practicing Buddhist. Violet’s life work and herbal practice are rooted in a commitment to offering body positive, fat positive, trauma informed, intersectional, LGBTQIIA inclusive, harm reduction focused, sex and sex work positive, anti-racist and anti-oppression centered holistic support, herbal consultations, affirmation, resources, solidarity, and guidance.

Violet tending a stand of California Goldenrod (Solidago velutinus v. californica) at Oaktown Nursery

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