Magic Makers 2017!

my table at magic makers with Nia King

I missed the application for this years Queer Magic Makers event, and I was feeling a little like I’d missed a pretty good opportunity to work my own queer magic…especially after not being accepted to the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fair.

…but then I got a call from my friend Nia King that morning, about how she had too much table space and would I want to come and table with her! Of course I did! So I grabbed a few flats of plants, flowers, my zines, and my most utilitarian tinctures and drove over as the event opened!

This was the second time I’ve sold tinctures at an event, and the first event dedicated solely to that end. It’s also the first time I sell my plants! Which maybe means I’m on my way to one day opening my own nursery and wild, witch filled farm!

I should mention, that ‘selling’ is not what I’m about. I’m not about the capitalism that stands in the way of the equal and equitable sharing of resources. What I’m excited about, is seeing this as a step in my development as a healer, and opportunity to introduce others to the healing work of the plants themselves, and spread some of these native plants around…and to have my zine out there for other queer and trans people to find and access.

I think my zine, the yarrow plants, and bleeding heart tinctures really ruled the day.

Thanks to everyone I met and who supported my creative life and herbalism <3.


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