Acorn Meal!


I heard that the Korean market nearby had acorn flour….and what they have is acorn starch…which is a little different then the flour. But, I have a baking project and starch is just not going to do!

So I decided to go up into the hills and see what was left of the acorns. It’s pretty late in the season…but it was a really big acorn year following the rains. Luckily, I found some trees far enough away from the squirrels that still had lot of plump little acorns still on the mast.

These are Coast Live Oak acorns…one of the staple acorns of many indigenous people of the coastal west. Maybe when I get home I’ll make a post of how to leach the tannins and process them…

there’s something so satisfying about collecting acorns…and they’re SO YUMMY!

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