Words from a fellow Herbalist

“Viola Thorns is one of the most generous herbalists I know. The care, time and attention that she devotes to both her clients and her plants is astounding. I have had the great honor to witness Violet’s growth as an herbalist over the years and think of her work with great respect and admiration. Her quick wit, sense of humor, attention to detail, and deep spiritual practice is a powerful combination. I have always appreciated the love and care she provides to the queer and trans community, as well as her commitment to anti-racism work in her city. Violet is also a pleasure to garden with. Her squeals of delight when Greeting a plant bring great joy to my heart. Plants blossom under Violet’s loving care, and it’s evident that she has a special connection with them. I highly recommend working with Violet to anyone who is considering delving deeper into their healing work through plants. Her beautiful medicine pours out not only through her tinctures but also her brave and strong heart.”